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Davies Memorials


Monumental mason and letter cutter


Whether you require a new memorial, additional inscriptions, cleaning and renovation of an existing memorial or fixing of an unsafe memorial, we can help you!


What expertise can we offer you?

  • New memorials
  • Additional inscriptions
  • Fixing
  • Number and name plates
  • Renovations and cleaning



New Memorials
We have an extensive and varied range of headstones available, covering many different styles and materials, from large kerb sets to small vases and plaques.

Any designs, shapes or sizes can be achieved, using state of the art techniques or for the more traditional, hand-craftsmanship that can only be gained with experience.

Depending on where your memorial is to be erected, you may be limited on the material and finish, as many churchyard regulations do not allowed polished granite.

If you are unsure of what you are allowed, we are happy to help and advise. We would also be happy to liaise with the church/diocese on your behalf, if you so wished.



Additional Inscriptions
If your memorial requires additional inscriptions, we are able to remove it from the cemetery/churchyard, store it, carry out the work required and the re-fix it to the NAMM regulations.



Renovations and Cleaning

If you have an existing memorial that has been exposed to the elements for many years, causing it to look worn or dirty, you may like to think about having it cleaned and renovated, close to its original state.

We are able to do this for you and will advise you on what can be achieved in our free no obligation quotation.



Many of you have seen the headstones that have been laid down or with a wooden stake attached in certain cemeteries, this is because the memorial had been deemed unsafe.

A Davies Memorials offer a specialist service re-fixing these memorials to the NAMM standards, returning them to a safe state.



Number and Name Plates
We can also supply number/ name plates for your house or place of business, accommodating any designs or logos.



All of our memorials will be covered with our 20 year guarantee.